Lazy, inept or intelligent Maine Coon?

For me this is a beautiful ginger tabby Maine Coon being intelligent. Ginger tabbies are always intelligent! The cat's owner disparages her cat, Teddy, by implying that he can't jump over 18 inches when he is a member of the biggest cat breed. But this is incorrect, I think. Cats find the easiest route over or through barriers. 

As the barrier is not solid Teddy goes through it. If it was solid I would confidently expect him to jump over it. It is cat intelligence at the end of the day linked to survival. In the wild, cats have to conserve energy to maximise their chances of survival in a harsh world. Domestic cats as we know inherent all the attributes of their wild cat forebears. They are all there plain to see and they come out all the time especially when cats are alone outside in a forest.

Yes, the soundtrack is crap! Really irritating but the MC is great and the cat's behaviour is interesting and completely different to the description in the video. Update: Video deleted. Sorry.


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