Video of Maine Coon 7 months old to 10 weeks going backwards in time

This is a video of a ginger tabby Maine Coon getting younger! No idea why it was done this way but it does provide viewers with a comparison over a relatively short time frame of 10 weeks to 7 months. The cat is polydactyl which is not uncommon in Maine Coons as you are probably aware. 

What is remarkable is that this video has been viewed almost 11 million times. Not worth it. The video does not deserve that number of viewings 😎.  My personal viewpoint, obviously.

But TikTok artificially increase viewings by playing the video as soon as you bring it up and their videos are on a loop. Because of these tricks to boost viewings what would have been a couple of views becomes five.

Click on the play button 2x please! 


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