'Aquaman' Maine Coon with glacial, diamond eyes and a mini-blep

'Aquaman' is an incredibly impressive, white Maine Coon with extreme features. Bred to extreme I'd say because the original Maine Coons were never like this. These super Maine Coons have massive muzzles and towering lynx-tipped ears. They look unreal only we see so many of them they are becoming the norm but these impressive cats are not the ones winning cat shows under the auspices of TICA or the CFA. 

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The winners of their shows are much smaller and much more normal-looking but still the largest domestic cat breeds overall. But it is no big deal. These impressive MCs are often bred by Russians under the Word Cat Federation cat association of FIFe, both European cat associations. At present (Aug 2022) Russian cat breeders are banned from showing their cats in Europe because of Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

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Large white Maine Coon
Large white Maine Coon, Aquaman. Photo: Robert Syka (and the video)

This cat has a 'blep' going on. That refers to his tongue sticking out slightly. And there are two specs of dirt on his face which I find surprising and irritating seeing as this was meant to be a flawless video on TikTok. I have Photo-edited them out. TikTok allow downloads by the way.

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