Cat show judge goes over the basics of Maine Coon appearance

 This video should be of interest to people who want to know what a Maine Coon should look like if they are going to do well at cat shows. I have discussed this topic before (see link below) but I think it is nice to hear a cat show judge going over the main features and what to look for in a good-quality Maine Coon cat. 

Note: you might have to click on the play button 2x to get it to play 😒.

You see what I would describe as quite a small female Maine Coon which he carries around in that classic cat show judge way which is a hand under both ends of the torso making the cat look very long. The size of this cat brings home to us that not all Maine Coon cats are enormous. Often times they are quite small relative to our expectations. 

Cat show judge goes over the basics of Maine Coon appearance
Cat show judge goes over the basics of Maine Coon appearance. Screenshot.

That's not to say they are small compared to the general population of domestic cats. They are not. They are nearly always larger than your typical domestic cat but we should be careful to not normalise the extreme Maine Coons that we see so often now on social media. 

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These are not typical and sometimes their sheer size can create health problems such as the fact that hip dysplasia is more common or prevalent in the very large Maine Coons which is to be expected because they are heavier and therefore the hip joint weakness is going to be exposed more in use.

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