Maine Coon meow/yawn - purr/trill in that order

This is another cute video of a Maine Coon and one which once again touches on the tiny voice of the Maine Coon. They do have cute vocalisations. When you combine the cute sounds that they make with their impressive stature and size and their beautifully shaggy medium-longhaired coats you have this exotic combination which is so attractive to many people and which is why you see so many videos like the one on this page.

The video comes from the TikTok page of ๐ŸŒปBri๐ŸŒป (@briandmilly) TikTok | Watch ๐ŸŒปBri๐ŸŒป's Newest TikTok Videos. Enjoy and thanks for making the video. The quality could be a bit better ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Please note that TikTok allows their videos to be downloaded to your desktop and therefore they allow them to be uploaded to websites such as this one. I am doing nothing wrong. If I embed the video using TikTok code it is likely that in due course the video will disappear if and when the video on TikTok is removed or TikTok changes their policies and convert embedded videos on third party sites to links back to their site. That may seem a bit complicated and boring to many people but I feel that I need to mention it to clarify what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.


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