Smart sensing snake toy for cats including the Maine Coon!

We know that Maine Coons are generally full-time indoor cats for the simple reason that they are too spectacular and too expensive to be wandering around outside unsupervised although some Maine Coon owners do allow this. One owner just got her Maine Coon cat stolen and the theft was recorded by her Ring security camera doorbell. Sad to say the least. She'll never see him again I suspect and the thief just made $1000.

Maine Coon kitten plays with smart sensing snake cat toy
Maine Coon kitten plays with smart sensing snake cat toy. Image: MikeB

So, there is added responsibility and pressure upon Maine Coon Owners to entertain their cat or for them to entertain themselves. And I've just spotted this smart sensing snake cat toy which is interactive and which has a sensor at the front so that it can stop and change direction and so on. 

When it encounters obstacles the eyes flash and it automatically turns back. The 'tail' (body) swings and the tongue wags! It will enter a dormant state after it has been played with continuously for about one minute. You can reactivate it by tapping the head.

Now, I think this is a great toy for Maine Coon cats and even kids. But I am thinking about Maine Coon cat who act like kids anyway. It's just that I am always in search of some kind of way to entertain full-time indoor cats because they desperately need it.

And I know how difficult it is for cat owners to steel themselves to do the entertaining because they're too busy or for many other reasons (it gets boring).

This toy comes in at a very reasonable £29.44 p in the UK. I don't know whether it is available in America or other countries but I hope so and I would expect the price to be very similar in the currency of that country. It is a very reasonable price I think if it can take away some of the burden of entertaining your Maine Coon cat.

Please note that I am not gaining any commission on sales of this device. I don't do that kind of thing. I just think that it looks as if it might brighten up the life of a Maine Coon cat somewhere at least for a short time. The movements of this toy are quite interesting for a cat and domestic gas are very much motivated by the movement of prey animals.


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