Big floppa Maine Coon whose lynx tips don't stay erect

Well, this is a picture of a glamorous tortie-and-white Maine Coon with classic lynx tipped ears only for me the lynx tips are too long and they've keeled over as you always see on the caracal, a medium-sized wild cat species. It is okay for a caracal to have floppy, black ear tufts as we expect it and they are not subject to a breed standard 👍but the Maine Coon breed standard is clear.

Tortie-and-white Maine Coon with ears like those of a caracal. Image: Pinterest.

This is the caracal called Big Floppa on account of the flopped over ear tufts which are very typical of caracals. This is a pet wild cat and they are fat. I don't like to see that. Image: Wikipedia.

The ears should be 'large, well tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed. The tufts of hair at the tip of the ear (the lynx tips) should enhance the triangular appearance of the ears. Why else have them? They help the ears to 'appear pointed'. And lynx tip tufts of hair which don't remain erect seem to spoil the effect and stop the cat complying with the breed standard.

I am probably overdoing it and entirely wrong but I thought I'd discuss it briefly.

The CFA breed standard for MC ears:

EARS: Shape: large, well-tufted, wide at base, tapering to appear pointed. Set: approximately one ear’s width apart at the base; not flared.

There is a pet caracal with the nickname: Big Floppa on account of their floppy lynx tipped ear tufts.

Here are some erect lynx tips! ✔️💓.

Erect lynx tips to the Maine Coon's ears which help the ears look pointed. Image: Pinterest.


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