I can find one celebrity who lives with a Maine Coon - Joe Perry (musician)

I thought I would dig around and see whether I could find some human celebrities who live with Maine Coon cats. There are a lot of Maine Coon celebrities, as it happens, but what about the humankind and whether they like Maine Coon cats? And I have to say that I was somewhat surprised to struggle to find a celebrity with a Maine Coon cat companion.

The Maine Coon is in the top three most popular cat breeds so you might have thought they would be more popular with celebrities.

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Here is a photograph of Joe Perry with his grey tabby Maine Coon whose name, by the way, is Icon.

Joe Perry with his Maine Coon 'Icon'
Joe Perry with his Maine Coon 'Icon'. Image: Billie Perry on Facebook.

Joe Perry

Here is a bit about Joe Perry whose full name is Joseph Anthony Parreira, born September 10, 1950. He is an American musician and the founding member and lead guitarist of the rock band Aerosmith. He also has his own solo band called The Joe Perry Project. And finally, to add to his CV, he is a member of the all-star band Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp.

He has an enormous Wikipedia entry which I guess has been written by his many fans. I can't go into the intense detail here. But what about this: he has a collection of about 600 guitars. He prefers Gibson guitars particularly the Les Paul.

Joe Perry had to sell a 1959 Gibson Les Paul during his 1982 divorce. He discovered that his beautiful guitar had ended up in the hands of the British-American guitarist Slash. Perry asked to buy the guitar, but the request was refused. The guitar had tripled in value over the intervening years.

And then, many years later on Joe's 50th birthday, at a party, Slash finally gave him the guitar as a gift. Neat ending. It must have been valuable. And it had sentimental value.

Joe Perry's Maine Coon looks very nice. This is not a huge Maine Coon cat but a typical, classy looking grey, tabby Maine Coon. You can see Joe Perry offering Icon some of his dinner which looks like a little bit of meat of some sort.

Can anyone tell me about another celebrity who lives with a MC?


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