Maine Coon owner insists "angry cat" in viral video is the sweetest

This is a rather strange TikTok video of a ginger Maine Coon cat being held by one of his owners while the other owner videos their cat. And for some reason this Maine Coon pulls a funny, scary face. It is a temporarily aggressive face, let us put it that way. And it's been turned on artificially because this cat is unaggressive so the question is why did the cat pull this face?

Sweet, scary looking Maine Coon cat but this is just pulling a face
Sweet, scary looking Maine Coon cat but this is just pulling a face. This is a screenshot by the way.

And I think it is something to do with the wind and the way he is being held. There is quite a strong gust of wind blowing into this cat's face and eyes while he is being held in an uncomfortable way. I see this a lot. People should not hold their cats like this. Did they generate the wind deliberately to provoke this facial expression?

But because of the scary face, the video has gone viral on TikTok and it is being talked about. It's been seen 19.8 million times but let's remind ourselves that TikTok videos auto loop. They restart automatically and therefore all the TikTok video viewing statistics are highly officially inflated.

@torijordan0829 I swear she’s actually the sweetest #orangecat #sushi #catsoftiktok #fyp #bigmad #evileye #insidecat #spoiled #housecat ♬ Crunch - PussTenshi

Note: This is an embedded video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source or the video is turned into a link which would stop it working here. I have no control over this.

And, a lot of people nowadays know that ginger tabbies have nice characters. I know that it is a bit of a stretch to link character to coat type but I have explored this relationship and there is a study which supports the view that red tabby coat type can be linked to personality (I can't find it right now unfortunately 😎). See the link below for a page on ginger tabby personality:

RELATED: Ginger Cat Personality.

And the ginger tabby is a good coat and I have never heard a bad word about them! If there is no hard science about red tabby personality there is a ton of anecdotal evidence from millions of proud caregivers. However, there is a warning attached to that statement. Sometimes cat owners can learn to attach a character type to a coat collar because they read about it on the internet a lot and they start to believe that it is fact and project their character onto their cat. That's why I have this warning in the final paragraph.


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