Maine Coon rescue USA and Maine Coon rescue UK

If you are looking to adopt a genuine Maine Coon rescue cat from an organisation involved in Maine Coon (MC) rescue you will surely be disappointed. And it doesn't matter whether you are living in the UK or the USA. Forget the other countries - no chance 😒😉.

I have done some digging around on the Internet and you will find organisations with websites saying that they only adopt out Maine Coon cats but then quite quickly you realise that these are Maine Coon mix cat and there are very few if any purebred Maine Coon cats for adoption either in the USA or UK as rescue cats.

Aurora a Maine Coon rescue cat
This is Aurora at the Maine Coon cat club in the UK, and she is a rescue cat. She is one of only 2 purebred (claimed) Maine Coon I have seen for adoption on either side of the Atlantic Ocean at Sept 27, 2022 😎😊😉😢. She looks like a female Maine Coon I have to say.

The Maine Coon cat club in the UK has one (perhaps two) rescue cat at the moment and her name is Aurora (see above) and I think that she has been adopted already because I've asked in an email whether she has been adopted but not yet received a response. Correction: Aurora is still available for adoption at Sept 28, 2022.

But Aurora's picture has been on the Maine Coon Cat Club's website for some time and therefore I would have thought she'd been adopted. She was a rescue MC because she could not fit in with the existing cats in her previous home. I think the current owner is selecting the adoption candidates.

I have visited various Maine Coon rescue websites including 'Only Maine Coons Rescue'. This site strongly indicates by their title that they only rescue purebred Maine Coon cats but that is simply not the case. The first cat that you come to as at the date of this post is a Maine Coon called 'Fiona' and she is described as a "domestic medium hair/mixed (long coat). Fiona looks a little bit like a Maine Coon cat but is clearly not a purebred Maine Coon cat and therefore is technically a moggy.

I cannot see the point of adopting a rescue MC when the cat is not a purebred Maine Coon cat.

And the same problem applies to other rescue organisations. For example, the Maine Coon Rescue website in the US say they are a Maine Coon Rescue "dedicated to rescuing Maine Coon and Maine Coon mix cats".

The problem is that 99% of their cats (100%?) are Maine Coon mix. In fact, at the moment I can't see a genuine Maine Coon amongst all the cats available for adoption. And I have no idea where they are. You would think that this information would be central to their website.

I am convinced that the same story will be replayed whatever Maine Coon rescue website that I visit.

The Maine Coon Central website says that people who wish to adopt a rescue Maine Coon should not worry! And then they present a very of Maine Coon rescue organisations like the 2 mentioned which are unable to adopt out Maine Coon cats because they are all moggies!!

The point is that you will be extremely lucky if you can adopt a rescue Maine Coon cat via an organisation. I would not expect it to happen, but you might get lucky. And that applies no matter which country you live in.

As I said at the beginning, there is or there were two (claimed) genuine Maine Coon rescue cats available for adoption between 8-23 days ago in the UK. Yes, just two! One of the cats does not look like a genuine MC. Do they provide evidence of lineage in documents? No idea. Fiona is or was in Swansea, Wales and Mittens is or was in Hastings, England on the south coast.


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