TICA and CFA registered Maine Coon breeders 2022 (likely to be trustworthy)

This list of The International Cat Association (TICA) and Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) registered Maine Coon breeders is good as at 2019 and I hope still good at 2022 but it's important to know that in the world of cat breeding things change fairly quickly as nearly all cat breeders are hobby breeders. You need to make sure that you adopt/purchase a genuine Maine Coon not a Maine Coon mix. The latter are moggies. This is a vital starting point.

US cat show champion on left. Extreme bred Maine Coon on the right from Russia.

Their catteries are their homes. They are small scale operations. They have no employees and can stop breeding cats whenever they like. Not infrequently they are middle-aged and sometimes elderly people which makes it more likely that they'll stop and retire. 

The laboured point I am making is that the list below may not be accurate in a few years, but it is the best that can be produced at this moment. Both CFA and TICA will update their lists so you can always go to their websites for fresh information on Maine Coon breeders. You can Google search for them, and they'll come up top.

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These cat associations can't vouch for these breeders but the fact that they are linked to them is reassuring which is useful because there is quite a lot of money in cat and dog breeding which was indirectly promoted by the Covid pandemic when there was a surge in adoptions to keep people company during long lockdowns.

Covid also spawned backstreet breeders. These are operations to avoid which is why it is probably wise to rely on this list. 

The breeders listed will and should provide full documentation on pedigree. You need evidence that the cat you are buying is a genuine purebred Maine Coon and if you are not offered this documentary evidence and full vaccination and health documents I would not proceed with the purchase. It pays as well whenever possible to visit the breeder and meet the kittens and her mom. A lot of the time this is inconvenient unfortunately but the journey if worth it. Adopting a cat is for the life of the cat and it is a big step for both human and cat.

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If you want monster Maine Coon cats, your best bet might be to purchase from a European or Russian breeder. They tend to go for the extreme appearance. A lot of breeders ship their kittens and cats by air freight so it's not impractical to buy from as far away as Russia. I don't know if the Ukraine war will interfere with a Maine Coon purchase from Russia at this time. I would doubt it.

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You can find Russian and European breeders on the internet and on Facebook. For instance, there is a Facebook page on Arman Pride Maine Coon cattery. This is owned by Lyudmila Vyatkina. Click this link to go to her FB page. This is one example. There are others. Click this link to go to a Facebook page on all domestic cat breeds including Maine Coons. Most of the posts are by Russia and European cat breeders. You might get lucky.

Be cautious about adopting huge Maine Coons. This breed is predisposed to having certain inherited health problems, the best known of which is hip dysplasia and patella luxation. The former is a loose hip joint, and the bigger cats are more liable to suffer from this problem and from HCM (see below). It can start quite young in life and it affects mobility. 

I would check out health issues with the breeder. They should be open about it and challenge them on how they avoid their cats getting HCM. Does the breeder do all they can to stop their cats getting hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? This is a breeding issue. Check out the link below to read about health issues which are very important.

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Expect to pay up to $1,500 for a good individual. Avoid online Maine Coon mix cats. These are moggies and you'll be paying over the odds. You want a Maine Coon. You need papers to prove pedigree from a reliable, trustworthy breeder.


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