Blue Maine Coon that looks more like a lion than a domestic cat

It is the serious expression of this giant domestic cat which caught my attention. He (he must be male with a face like that) looks distinctly bored. Very passive and accepting of the camera right in front of him. 

Seriously serious solid grey (blue) Maine Coon with a lion's muzzle. In fact, the overall facial appearance is that of a lion. One of those exceptional MCs if I am not mistaken. Photo: Bored Panda.

He is one of "those" extreme Maine Coons as I call them because he has a face which more closely resembles that of a lion than a domestic cat. Here is a portrait of a lion:

Lion portrait
Image: Pixers.

There is only one way this MC looks like a lion and that is because he is meant to look like one. The breeder has selective bred over a considerable time probably to achieve this lion face appearance.

I am not sure that it is a good idea. The appearance is certainly nowhere that of a MC show cat. 'Blue' is diluted black in the cat fancy as I am sure you know.


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