Does Will Ferrell look like a Maine Coon? Ron Perlman does.

They (some of the public) claim that Will Ferrell looks like a Maine Coon. I can see the resemblance, but he is nowhere near as close as Ron Perlman. I am not sure that Mr Perlman enjoys the award but there it is.

Here is Mr Perlman looking like a Maine Coon. I think the reason why Mr Perlman is better at this is because he has a 'heavier' face which includes the mouth and the area around the mouth. The Maine Coon has a very strong muzzle and mouth as you can see. This is Ron's great strength in the Maine Coon look-a-like contest 😊😉. I don't think it will keep Mr Ferrell awake at night.

Perlman has a very masculine face and the Maine Coon internet stars which care often extreme bred also have very masculine faces. All the celebrity Maine Coons are males because the motto is 'the bigger the better'. 

You know the old adage that dog owners look like their dogs? Well, I don't think the same applies to cats. Perhaps one reason is because the dog is able to make more facial expressions while the cat does not do very well when it comes to facial expressions. They are there but very subtle.

Why do all Maine Coons look like Ron Perlman?

The big weakness for both Ron and Will is their eyes. Ron has tiny deep-set eyes. They recede into his cranium. Will's eyes are a normal size but as a domestic cat's eyes are 8 times bigger than those of a human in relation to the head size, humans are never going to be a good match on eyes unless they are a baby.

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We can't expect humans to have lynx tipped ears and ruffs, so we have to ignore that aspect of anatomy 😎. It is all down to the heavy face.


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