Maine Coon looks a bit like Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagon

A similarity, I'd say. Whatever, this Maine Coon has a great face.  It is the side whiskers which are unusual, and which give this cat his character. He has human face, and they are popular at the moment. And this boy has very strong lynx tipped ears. They are like a brush. His muzzle is very solid and very much a signature feature of the Maine Coon.

The five defining features of the Maine Coon are in my view:

  1. Lynx tipped ears
  2. Pronounced and 'square' muzzle
  3. Large domestic cat
  4. Fur sticking out between the toes
  5. Ruff

Maine Coon credit: Lee Marvin is from

And there is a bit of a trend to artificially breed Maine Coons with human faces as they are interesting and therefore popular. This is one example. A grumpy old man face which is often how they look when they are humanized. Or they are like Yoda from Star Wars.

I think this baby is Russian bred. They do like their humanized Maine Coons. There is a large cat fancy in Russia. Shame that their President is a mass murderer.


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