Yulia (red hair) and Kefir (snow white hair) juxtaposed

This is a startling cat picture which juxtaposes Yulia Minina's red hair with the massive white head of her Maine Coon Kefir who is still regarded as a 'kitten' as he is 2 years old in the photo but weighs 27 pounds. There is a nice contrast in colour, but the head size is similar. It is extraordinary that a domestic cat has the same head size as a human. There is a cool match in the fiery eyes of Kefir and her hair.

Yulia and Kefir
Yulia and Kefir - Photo by Yulia Minina via SWNS.

It is just one of those standout cat photos. When she adopted him from a cat breeder in Russia (Yulia lives in Stary Oskol, Russia), she had no idea that Kefir would end up this size. 

There is no doubt in my mind that he is the world's largest domestic cat even taking into account the F1 Savannahs. Read more about Kefir.

An F2 Savannah in America is formally the tallest domestic cat to the shoulder, but I question whether it is accurate because this boy looks to me as if he'd beat 'Fenrir Antares Powers'.

They say Kefir is still growing as Maine Coons are said to grow for the first four years of their lives. Yulia says that visitors to her home always think that Kefir is a dog when they first see him. 

And I bet she gets a few visitors these days. There is probably a queue of news media journos knocking on her door.

It makes me wonder. Yulia has a whole set of new problems in her life as she has found an enormous amount of celebrity. Insurance comes to mind! There'll be some idiots who might be thinking about steeling Kefir and breeding from him.

An interesting point is whether he is still 'whole' meaning unneutered or unsterilised. If he has not been neutered, he could be a stud and produce some amazing offspring.

If you selected the right female, you could create a whole new line of massive Maine Coons and dominate the big Maine Coon market for years to come!

I think he is neutered though as he is described as having a charming temperament. Unneutered male domestic cats are likely to have raw cat characters.

It is a great shame that Maine Coon cats inherit these diseases.


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