How much do Maine Coon cats cost UK?

It is possible to provide a very precise answer. Here it is:

  • Quality Maine Coon kittens are priced at between £1,000-£1,200 with the latter price being more common.
  • Stud male cat (huge): £2,000. He is described as being well behaved. I presume the buyer will be a breeder.
That is all you need to know on price (but see P.S. below)! And that the prices are time sensitive due to high inflation in the UK at present. It is predicted to go down in the early part of 2023. Pet food prices have risen. That means that the costs to breeders have risen. Some websites provide a range of prices but that is less helpful I feel. 

P.S. The Maine Coon Cat Club (MCCC) in the UK makes some good points one of which is to buy from a breeder listed on their site as they have agreed to comply with the principles of the GCCF Code of Ethics and requirements of the MCCC. That's important to avoid scams and having to deal with an unscrupulous breeder.

Maine Coon kitten for sale in the UK at £1,200
Maine Coon kitten for sale in the UK at £1,200. Pets4Homes

One danger is that among the purebred Maine Coons you will see Maine Coon mixed breed cats for sale online. Don't bother if you want to adopt a Maine Coon. These mix cats don't look like Maine Coons are they aren't Maine Coons.

You'll be buying a moggie for £250 when you could just as well pop down to your local shelter and pay the adoption fee which will be a lot less and you'll be doing a good deed: providing a loving home to an unwanted cat. 

You'll receive a great reward for that.

Remember the obvious: the purchase price is the beginning of shelling out! Cat food can be the same price as human food. Add in cat litter for most homes and vet bills and carriers and litter trays and cat toys and brushes and flea combs. Have I made the point? Cat caregiving for the lifetime of the cat is far more costly than the purchase price.

And one last point, also obvious: when you buy online you take a risk. Pets4Homes have some sort of security measures in place but the old adage of visiting the breeder is a good one. It cuts out the bad breeders as you can see, touch and challenge to make sure that your kitten is healthy and is genuine.

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