Can a Maine Coon kill a person?

Can a Maine Coon kill a person?
Can a Maine Coon kill a person? Under extreme circumstances the answer is yes due to a bite infection but I don't think it has ever happened! Image: DALLE-E

Because of the imposing size of some of the Maine Coons that we see on the internet - which do not really represent the general Maine Coon population - some people are genuinely unsure if they'll be safe around one of these impressive cats. This is an extreme viewpoint and many will consider it quite mad. It's not.

But fear not because it is highly unlikely for a Maine Coon to kill a person. Maine Coons are domesticated cats that have a friendly and affectionate nature. They are not aggressive towards humans and are known to be great companions. Maine Coons are large cats, with males weighing up to 18 pounds, but their size alone does not make them dangerous to humans.

While Maine Coons are powerful animals with sharp claws and teeth, they are not likely to attack humans unprovoked (defensive aggression). Like any other animal, they may defend themselves if they feel threatened or scared, but they are not likely to cause serious harm to a person. And when any domestic cat defends themselves, they can be fierce as the wildcat within comes out. 

Because of their extra size they can certainly harm a person and there is always the potential albeit remote of a scratch or bite becoming infected. If the attacked person is elderly and weakened anyway and also if the person does not treat the infection promptly it is conceivable that they could be killed by a Maine Coon under exceptional circumstances.

It's important to remember that cats, including Maine Coons, are domesticated animals that have been bred for centuries to be companions to humans. They are not wild animals and are not capable of killing a healthy human being. However, like any other pet, they should be treated with respect and care to ensure a safe and positive relationship between the cat and its human companions.


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