5 ways your Maine Coon cat can save you money

There is a cost-of-living crisis in the UK and high inflation in other countries but it is coming down. It's getting more expensive to live! Maine Coon cats are expensive. Expensive to buy and expensive to maintain if you do it to a high standard. But it is not all downside. When you analyse it, Maine Coon cats can save you money if you want to look on the bright side of things.

Keeping toasty warm thanks to your Maine Coon cat friend
Keeping toasty warm thanks to your Maine Coon cat friend. Image in public domain.

1. Lap cat

Not all Maine Coon cats are lap cats but like the general population, some are and some aren't. If you happen to live with a Maine Coon lap cat you can turn down your central heating by 1°C! That'll save you $100 per annum.

Just wear some warm clothes inside your home and allow your Maine Coon cat to jump on your lap at every opportunity particularly while watching television. They will keep you warm and make up for that 1°C drop in central heating temperature.

2. Therapy

A lot of people expound the advantages of going to therapy. What they mean is they see a psychiatrist regularly in order to improve their mental health and well-being. It appears to me that in America it is a life choice. In the UK it is incredibly rare to see a therapist in this way. But I get the advantages. People should be open to it.

But no doubt you can spend a lot of money on seeing a psychiatrist every week for several years until you are brimming with confidence and happiness!

You can save tens of thousands of pounds by allowing your Maine Coon cat to be your therapist! Maine Coon cats are, indeed, sometimes therapy cats anyway. They are impressive and simply their presence can lift your mood. Their cute sounds and their cuddly appearance are sure to help lighten your mood.

The famous domestic cat purr especially when it is delivered while your cat is on your lap is sure to make you feel better. The purr has healing properties. The resonance of the purr gets into your bones and repairs damage! Let the sound waft over you and through you. Don't do anything for five minutes while your Maine Coon cat is on your lap (if they can fit on because they are the world's largest domestic cat breed)

But the point is you should not be doing things if you really want to soak up those benefits. Sometimes I shut my eyes when my cat is on my lap grooming himself. I feel the gentle movements that he makes. I allow his presence to slow me down, to nurture my soul and massaged my brain. It helps make you feel better and it's all free.

It is a way to ensure that your cat gives back for all the expense you fork out looking after him or her.

3. Exercise

Maine Coon cats are full-time indoor cats. They need to get out safely. The only way to achieve it is by leash training your cat. And when you've done that with great patience and fun you can open the front door and confidently walk out into public places with them and in doing so you are exercising. If you live near a pleasant park so much the better because you can enjoy nature at the same time. This, too, will improve your well-being both psychologically and physically.

And in achieving this benefit, you will save money. You will be healthier. You will have more energy. You can do things yourself rather than employing somebody to do it for you. This will save money!

4. Holidays

If you really love your Maine Coon cat and I expect that you do or will, you won't go on holiday because you won't want to leave him or her for two weeks in a boarding cattery. And you won't want a cat sitter to look after your Maine Coon cats for two weeks. You want to be there taking responsibility. You can't take risks. Therefore, you will save lots of money because you won't be spending it on holidays and boarding or cat sitters!

5. Indoors

And if you are able to work at home or are retired, it is likely that you will remain indoors more often to be with your Maine Coon cat. In which case, you are less likely to catch a contagious disease. You are more likely to order your food online and have it delivered. And if you don't catch a contagious disease, you will be healthier. This will save money because you won't need to spend money on drugs. You won't need to spend money on private healthcare if that is the way you choose to take your healthcare. But even if healthcare is via the NHS which is free at the point of delivery in the UK, you've still got to pay to get to the GP surgery.

Staying at home saves money and Covid-19 is still around. It shouldn't be forgotten. There is still an argument to be at home and little bit more than normal to avoid infection but more importantly to be with your Maine Coon cat!


Of course, the benefits are indirect and rather subtle. But I think it is fair to recognise these benefits. They offset the expense. I have harped on a bit about the need to budget for the caregiving of domestic cats because the costs can mount up. Not enough cat owners, I feel, budget adequately and they find they can be a bit stretched financially which leads to cutting back on the standard of caregiving.

At least they can understand that the cat gives back and in doing so there are some indirect money savings to be made.


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