Celebrities don't often adopt the Maine Coon, a celebrity cat

It is perhaps ironic to note that it is hard to discover a celebrity who lives with a Maine Coon cat. This cat breed is celebrated all over the planet for its impressive size and appearance. They have a lovely character and they bestow upon the owner a status which arguably other cats don't.  And there are probably more celebrity Maine Coons cats that for any other breed.

Bobby Flay with Nacho
Bobby Flay with Nacho. Image: Instagram.

But - and there is always a but with an introductory sentence like that - I can only find, at present, one celebrity who lives with a Maine Coon cat and his name is Bobby Flay.

Bobby is a successful American businessman and he lives with a ginger tabby Maine Coon cat called Nacho.

A search of the Internet looking at celebrities and their cats does not produce any other individual, make or female, who under the category 'celebrity' lives with a Maine Coon cat.

It seems to me that the greatest followers of this breed are non-celebrity individuals, John Does.

And they have propelled the Maine Coon cat to the number three spot in the popularity stakes of all cat breeds in America. While the Maine Coon cat has climbed in popularity over the past decade, the former most popular breed, the Persian, has gradually declined. The reason for the latter is the health problems associated with the Persian.

Also ironically, the Maine Coon cat has health problems and they are not dissimilar in terms of severity to those of the Persian.

Inherited health problems are nearly always linked with purebred cats. We shouldn't be surprised about the Maine Coon's.

I'm trying to figure out why more celebrity humans don't live with more celebrity Maine Coon cats. One reason might be that they are very big.

Often women who are celebrities such as film stars prefer smaller pets. They like small dogs for example which can be an accessory a bit like a fancy handbag. They can even put the dog in the handbag. Or they can carry the cat around under their arm occasionally with the photographer in tow snapping away.

But you can't put a Maine Coon cat under one arm, with comfort anyway. And you can't put them in a handbag!

I think size is a negative for celebrities. They prefer miniature, little jewels of animals. And they don't need the status that only a Maine Coon cat might bring to some people. This is because they already have the status through their work.

I think those are the two reasons, thinking about it briefly, why celebrities don't adopt Maine Coon cats as much as one might have thought bearing in mind that this cat breed has acquired somewhat of a celebrity status.

The TikTok video shows the size difference - note videos sometimes stop working.

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Comments welcome from people who can point out some celebs with Maine Coons.


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