Lykoi Maine Coon mix

What can I say? Not a lot unlike some other websites because there is no such cat breed as a Lykoi Maine Coon mix. If it did exist it would be either a purebred hybrid if registered or a moggy if the cat had not been registered with a cat association. But a discussion is rather pointless because this is hypothetical. This is speculative. There is no such cat as a Lykoi Maine Coon mix.

Update: please read the comments below. In short, there is a breeder of Maine Coon cats and Lykoi cats on social media (TikTok) who claims to have created this hybrid but the video accompanying this claim does not show what I would have thought would be Lykoi hybrids. So, at the moment, I do not believe that this hybrid exists as yet. The man calls the hybrids 'Lycoons'.

Lykoi and Maine Coon

Maine Coon breed standard

And there won't be such a cat because under the breed standard for the Maine Coon, no outcrosses are allowed to either non-purebred cats or purebred cats. This is to preserve the blood lines and to protect the famous appearance. 

Breeders of Maine Coon cats cannot experiment and create a Lykoi Maine Coon mix and try and call that a new breed.

But perhaps the idea does tweak the imagination of some people who think that making a Maine Coon with a Lykoi would produce a very interesting cat. And people like stand out cats.

I can't show you a picture of the hypothetical hybrid as none exist to the best of my knowledge.


The Lykoi cat is also called the 'wolf cat' as there is a passing resemblance. A colleague of mine wrote about the breed on my website in 2014 and at that time it was described as a new breed. Bizarre or beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective as is ugliness. But there's no denying that you have to look at the Lykoi cat because they catch the eye.

The cat's semi-hairless appearance is brought about by an anatomical deficiency with the hair follicles which lack all the necessary components to create hair which is why there's no undercoat and additionally, dermatologists found that the follicles which were able to produce hair lack the proper balance of the components to maintain the hair.

The cause of the coat deficiencies is due to a spontaneous genetic mutation.

Other than their appearance, they are perfectly normal domestic cats with the same dietary requirements as Maine Coon cats. And they demand the same excellent caregiving. 

There may be a need to keep them inside on sunny, hot days because they lack proper protection for their skin. Actually, they will be full-time indoor cats like Maine Coons.

Maine Coon

Pretty well everybody involved in the cat world in any capacity knows what a Maine Coon cat looks like. They are beautiful and their character is also very nice (calm and sweet). They are very large cats while the Lykoi is a medium-sized cat. The Maine Coon has a shaggy, medium-longhaired coat while, as mentioned, the Lykoi has a very threadbare sparse and arguably ugly coat unless you find it beautiful.


How would such a hybrid turnout? We don't know and no one is about to try and find out. My guess is that the Lykoi Maine Coon hybrid mix would have a normal coat but the cat would lose those famous Maine Coon features such as a square and large muzzle, over-sized triangular ears with lynx tips and a large, long body competed with a beautiful plumed tail. All those would probably go or be heavily diluted.

So, in my opinion, if we are to speculate, there would be little advantage to producing such a cat. Both the Lykoi which is outstanding in its own way and the Maine Coon would lose their stand out in particular appearance features. What is the point of such a hybrid?

If you were thinking of finding a Maine Coon Lykoi mixed then you won't succeed but if you do then please tell me in a comment!


  1. I was on a Tik Tok page robertcoad530 and it says that they have bred a Maine Coon with a Lykoi. They call them Lycoons.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will check it out.

    2. Well, I have checked out that TikTok account. Thank you for telling me about it. The man who runs the account is a Maine Coon breeder and a Lykoi cat breeder. He claims, as you say, to have created a Maine Coons x Lykoi hybrid. However, the video of these so-called Lykoi hybrids don't look like Lykoi hybrids. I think you will agree. The kittens look like their mother (white MC) except for a ginger tabby. You would expect some indication that there are some Lykoi genes in these kittens but I don't see it. Do you know more about this breeder and this claim?


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