Maine Coon breeder in Kharkiv, Ukraine invites buyers to her cattery to meet the cats during the war

In a show of strength and contempt for the Russian invasion of Ukraine VivatCoon a Maine Coon breeder in Kharkiv, Ukraine is still inviting potential adopters of their cats to visit the cattery despite The Guardian newspaper in the UK reporting that "Two women have been killed and 10 wounded in a strike on a museum in Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region."

Perhaps she just can't get around to amending the home page which would be understandable.

Larysa Bekuzarova, a Maine Coon breeder in Kharkiv, Ukraine is according to her website continuing as normal.
Larysa Bekuzarova, a Maine Coon breeder in Kharkiv, Ukraine is according to her website continuing as normal. Image: Bekuzarova 

I'd expect under normal conditions she may well receive visitors from abroad. There'd be none at present and I wouldn't expect any from within Ukraine either. Not a good time to adopt a cat in Ukraine which is sad.

Fighting is ongoing around Kharkiv and this lady is still operating her cattery seemingly as normal.  I wonder if she is and how the war as affected her. She is a breeder of huge, European-bred Maine Coons. 

You can see her holding one of her cats on her website (see above). He is an enormous ginger tabby. A total classic Maine Coon appearance.

Larysa Bekuzarova writes:
"We invite you to the site of our kennel, where you can get acquainted with the Maine Coon cat breed, visit photo galleries of pets, and choose the Maine Coon kitten."
She has a diploma from the World Cat Federation. 

Although I can't confirm it, I would not be surprised if she shipped her cats internationally under normal circumstances but I don't see how that is possible at the moment with the war raging nor far from her.

Although I suspect that the war is restricted to certain parts of Ukraine while the other parts are probably almost as normal except perhaps for shortages of certain products which leads me to the issue of cat food.

Is cat food available in the Ukraine as normal? I have no idea. I expect not. Larysa may struggle to find decent cat food.

For sure the pet food industry outside of Ukraine is having difficulties as Ukraine cannot export from the Black Sea. Apparently, they usually export sunflower seeds used in pet food. I'd expect Ukraine to export some important raw ingredients for the pet food market which has all dried up.

This may be contributing to the rise in pet food prices in the UK for instance.


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