Diggs shows off his huge and outstanding poly feet

I guess you know that by 'poly feet' I mean polydactyl paws. Polydactylism comes in a variety of styles. Sometimes the extra toes are not very obvious. They look almost like standard feet. No so for Diggs who shows of his outstanding set. His paws look completely mishappen compared to standard paws but they are great. 

I love to see polydactyl paws on Maine Coons because this 'abnormality in the anatomy of the paws' is part and parcel of the breed's history and it is benign. The genetic mutation that causes it does no harm to the cat which is not the case with some mutations such as the folded ears of the Scottish Fold. That breed should not have been created in the first place.

Maine Coon Diggs shows of his outstanding poly feet
Maine Coon Diggs shows of his outstanding poly feet. Image: Reddit.com

Polydactylism (polydactyly) and Maine Coons go together like apple pie and custard. It is a shame that America's most high-profile cat association, the Cat Fanciers' Association, does not like them. They don't allow them on Maine Coons at cat shows organised by the association. 

The competing major cat association, The International Cat Association, take an entirely different point of view and celebrate them by having a separate category for the breed, the poly Maine Coon.

The reason why I say polydactylism is so heavily linked to the breed is because legend and myth has it that the first 'pre-Maine Coons' to exist on American soil were ships' cats from Europe. They were chosen for the role because sailors believed that the extra toes helped the cat keep their balance on deck in high seas.

Although perhaps polydactylism comes from the longhaired cats that Vikings brought to North America. We don't know if Vikings brought ships' cats but it has been proved beyond doubt that Vikings set up trading settlement hundreds of years before the first European immigrants in the 1600s - see link below. 


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