Don't take your Maine Coon cat for a walk like this!

Maine Coon Lotus - one of the internet's outstanding Maine Coons - outside on a leash
Maine Coon Lotus - one of the internet's outstanding Maine Coons - outside on a proper leash. Image: Instagram.

I am one of those people who think that Maine Coon cats should be leash trained as a default aspect of cat caregiving. It should be started when they are kittens after adoption. It is a bit tough to say that because leash training isn't easy but Maine Coons are indoor cats. Going for a short walk with a Maine Coon is great for them. It is a gift that their caregiver can give to them. 

The person in the video below - it seems that she is an Asian woman - has a good heart because she wants to get her cat outside under supervision. That's nice. But the MO is not good.

This method is not recommended for Maine Coon owners. It is not only uncomfortable and unnatural, if a cat panicked when in this sort of harness, she'd probably be able to escape which would be a nightmare for the owner and a genuine potential health problem for the cat.


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