Anchors away! Watch as two Maine Coon cats set sail

I love the feeling and mood of this video. The cool rippling water. The Maine Coons are enjoying the experience too. They've clearly done this before. And I love to see domestic cats habituated to being outside on a lead doing all kinds of things like dogs. 

It is a wonderful way for a cat to make the most of their lives. All that mental stimulation can only be really good for them. It just takes a lot of patience normally to arrive at the point where the cat takes it all in their stride.

2 Maine Coons go sailing and it looks nice
2 Maine Coons go sailing and it looks nice. Screenshot.

I like their harnesses too. They don't have side panels. I think this may avoid the falling over syndrome that we see sometimes when domestic cats are put in a harness for the first time. They go silly and flop down and become entirely inactive as if zapped. As if the on-switch has been turned off.

They (the experts) say that Maine Coons like water. I am not so sure that they like water any more than any other typical domestic cat but if they do it makes this little boating trip all the more suitable.

They look as if they are interested and relaxed too. For me, this is about as good as it can get as a Maine Coon caregiver. They are doing everything right.


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