Cleaning up poop matting for Maine Coons? Shampoo recommendation?

On my personal mini-survey poop (and sometimes pee) stuck on the fur around the bum of a Maine Coon is a fairly if not a very common problem (click this link to see what I had to say about it a little while ago).

Grooming Maine Coons around the bottom is not uncommon either. It is a proactive measure to stop poop sticking to those pesky hairs which is annoyingly messy to clear up. Obviously, it needs to be done with great caution perhaps professionally it you know of a good groomer. Be careful with groomers as things can go wrong.

Available on Amazon where it have received over 8,000 reviews at 4.5 which is about as good as it gets. Picture: Amazon.

It is sad that this majestic domestic cat is so burdened with such a mundane and unpleasant problem. 

One Maine Coon owner on the social media site asked in despair for advice about a good neutral shampoo to help with the clean-up.

By 'neutral' I mean and he means a neutral pH, not too alkaline (high pH) in order to avoid skin irritation.

The manufacturers claim that this cat shampoo has a pH balanced for cats and is very pure as it does not contain the substances: sulphates, fragrances, essential oils and colorants. 

It is what the above-mentioned Maine Coon owner is looking for as they asked: "I just want something as harmless and as close to a bit of water as possible, with the added benefit of some surfactant effect to get it out of his fur! Is just actual basic unscented soap a good bet?"

And it is hypoallergenic meaning it is designed to not cause an allergic reaction. It should be gentle on this sensitive area of a domestic cat.

I don't get a commission! I am simply trying to respond to the man's concerns. His name is Matt (a name appropriate to the question in the title) and he has a beard! 


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