Hip dysplasia surgery for a domestic cat may cost upwards of $20,000

Depending on whether the operation is bilateral (both hips), the exact nature of the operation and the quality of the veterinary surgeon, surgery to rectify hip dysplasia (both hips replaced) may cost upwards of around $20,000. Lesser operations in the in US costing $1,500 to $3,000 per hip is the norm

As I understand it, the alternative to a surgical treatment for advanced hip dysplasia is a lifetime of pain-relieving medications and supplements which has a way of adding up financially.

Maine Coon hip replacement surgery is very expensive
Maine Coon hip replacement surgery is very expensive. Image: MikeB

Pet insurance was discussed in The Sunday Times today. The authors mention the £24,000 cost of a full hip replacement for a dog in the UK. This is not dissimilar to the cost of the same operation on humans.

You'll definitely need health insurance for that unless you are very well off. Or a second mortgage on your house. You know why I have mentioned the exorbitant cost of pet hip replacement. It's because a lot big dogs and big domestic cats and particularly the Maine Coon suffer from this inherited disease.

The average pet insurance claim in the UK is apparently £848. You could save up for that within 8 months at £100 per month. But if the treatment is as expensive as mentioned above there is only one route: pet health insurance. But the trouble with pet insurance is that the small print is dense and complicated. There'll be limits of what you can claim and you'll miss the clause in the contract.

It seems to me that hip dysplasia in Maine Coons is a big encouragement to take out pet health insurance for this breed.

Can we be cynical about this? Are the vets working with the insurance companies? Are the breeders working with the insurance companies and the vets!? The last question is valid. We don't know what happens behind the scenes.

But I sense that there might be a hot line between the insurance businesses, the veterinary practices and the cat breeders to ensure that they work together to each party's benefit. 


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