Maine Coon rescued from the Ukraine dam flooding during the war

Maine Coon rescued from the flooding in the south of Ukraine due to the dam being blown up
Maine Coon rescued from the flooding in the south of Ukraine due to the dam being blown up. Screenshot.
It is unusual to see a beautiful, classic Maine Coon in Ukraine during this brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine with so many killed; both humans and animals. This is a rare rescued Maine Coon.

The tweet: 
After Putin bombed a dam and caused a devastating flood, and continued to bomb civilians as they were evacuating, a lot of people and animals were left behind to die. This very cute cat was rescued.
The recent blowing up of part of the Nova Kakhovka dam during the Ukraine war, which formed the Kakhovskyi reservoir (Kakhovka reservoir) - one of the largest in Europe - was an act of ecocide. The Sunday Times reports on it in their article, "The drowned earth strategy is ancient but it has a modern name - ecocide". The flooding has been devastating. The environmental damage shocking. 

Here is an update on this now famous Maine Coon whose name is Maks (7-years-old). This is a tweet. I cannot guarantee that it will be accessible for ever as sometimes they are deleted at source.

It's been devastating to fisheries and to farming and that single act of wanton criminality will prevent the production of about 4 million tonnes of grain and oilseed worth about $1.5 billion.

President Zelensky has called the breach of the dam "an environmental bomb of mass destruction". And the president noted the environmental impact. He added that the event is "an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe". And that it was a "barbaric attack".

I wrote about ecocide recently. The above text comes from the article. Many pets were lost, trapped in homes or trapped in trees or on high ground etc.. It is horrible.

I was very surprised to see this video of a Maine Coon being rescued from the flood. He looks well. He looks big! I can tell he is a Maine Coon by the unique ear tufts and his size. And his coat. Very Maine Coon, if I may say so.


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