Can a Maine Coon kill a dog?

Theoretically, the answer to the question is yes but please read on and contribute if you'd like to. This is a general discussion because the question demands it.

People are asking the question in the title online so I'd better answer it even though to be brutally frank it is a poor question. The first point to make is that the question is based on the premise that all Maine Coons are the same size as the huge individuals we see on the internet and they are not.

Can a Maine Coon kill a dog?
Image: MikeB

The classic Maine Coon as per the breed standard are bigger than the average domestic cat and the biggest domestic cat breed but they are not *that* big. The Maine Coon show cats might disappoint the people who've see the social media monster Maine Coons.


So, you should not visualize Maine Coons the size of a bobcat attacking and devouring a dog belonging to one of the toy dog breeds such as the Pug or Pomeranian! I don't think you were visualizing it actually 😉😎.

The Maine Coon is bigger than either of these dogs, perhaps more than twice the size, but little dogs think they are wolves and can behave accordingly!

And I think we have to look at this practically. The opportunities for a fight would be few and far between.

Barriers to a fight?

There are so many factors which are barriers to a Maine Coon cat even fighting with a small dog such as the cat's character and the fact that a lot (almost all?) Maine Coons are indoor cats. They're not going to meet a small dog outside the home other than when on a lead and under supervision (I hope!).

Maine Coons are pretty laid back, calm individuals. I can't see them even wanting to get into a fight with a small dog. What would be the point (exception - see below)? Dogs don't pose a threat to the Maine Coon's territorial rights which is the main cause of fights between cats.

And domestic cats are sensible enough to avoid a fight with an animal that might harm them unless, as mentioned, it is over territory.  Yes, domestic and feral cats can fight really hard over territory and be injured. But dogs are a different kettle of fish.

Note: as far as I can see, there are no pictures or videos of a Maine Coon in a fight with a dog. Not one. Wrong? Please tell me in a comment. But this supports what I am saying. It does not happen for various reasons.

Dog attack?

The only time a Maine Coon would need to fight a dog is when the dog attacked them and they defend themselves. But as mentioned that would apply to a wandering Maine Coon outside the home which would be very unusual. Unless a friendly dog inside the home turned rogue for some peculiar reason.

If it did happen there'd probably be a bit of a stand-off, some hissing and back-raising etc. before they both backed off.

However, very rarely a Maine Coon might get into a fight with a small dog and it could be envisaged that the outcome might be the death of the dog. It is possible but to the best of my knowledge there are no recorded examples of such a fight to the death taking place.


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