Maine Coon has the most amazing 'tufted paws' that you'll ever see

I am or was slightly bemused by this Maine Coon video. She is a beautiful Maine Coon cat and she is kneading a fluffy cover of some sort. The cover is made of a white fabric probably fleece. Fleece doesn't normally come loose. 

Maine Coon has the most amazing 'tufted paws' that you'll ever see
Maine Coon has the most amazing 'tufted paws' that you'll ever see. Screenshot.

I say that because this female Maine Coon has so much fur on her feet that it makes me almost believe that she has picked up some of the fabric from the cover that she is kneading. I don't know but have you ever seen so much fur on the feet of a Maine Coon cat? 

We know that the Maine Coon is known to have a lot of fur sticking between their toes. It is one of the signatures of this popular domestic cat breed. But if you look at the video carefully you will see an inordinate amount of it the stuck to her feet which does not seem plausible. I don't see how it can be like that. It seems impossible. But she is a hairy Maine Coon cat! And that is the reason why she has amazing tufted paws. She is amazingly furry!! Never seen such Maine Coon fur.

Second thought: after careful slo-mo examination of the video my verdict is that this is genuine fur attached to her feet. They call it "tufted paws". Amazing. By far and away the most extreme tufted paws I have seen in any domestic cat.

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It must be one of those extreme anatomical appearances that we sometimes see in purebred cats. They are bred to extreme and perhaps this breeder focused on the length of her cats' fur. The fur is meant to be shaggy and medium-long. It's meant to look like the fur of a barn cat to give a slightly wild appearance. That is how The International Cat Association (TICA) like them.

TICA's breed standard on Maine Coon paws states: 

"Large and well-tufted"

It is so important to show cats that if there are no tufts of fur sticking out between the toes the cat will be penalised.

But I would appreciate your input on this if anybody reads it. What do you think? Is that white fur sticking out between her toes or has she picked up some of that fleece fabric which, to me, seems unlikely because fleece does not come away in threads.


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