Maine Coon is third most popular cat breed in New York State according to an insurance company

Pets Best Insurance Services LLC, a leading pet insurance business, tells us that, based upon their data in which they tracked 46 cat breeds (quite a small number it has to be said) the most popular cat is not a breed of cat at all but a random-bred cat or mixed breed cat. 

In other words, the most popular cat in New York state is a moggy followed by the American Shorthair (a purebred that looks like a moggie!). In third place is the Siamese cat and the fourth most popular cat type in New York state is the Maine Coon. 

The others in the top 10 are as follows in declining popularity: Bengal, Persian, Ragdoll, Himalayan, American Longhair and Russian blue. The American longhair is not a cat breed. I believe that there are referring to longhaired moggy cats.

Infographic: MikeB

What can I take from this? The Maine Coon cat is the third most popular cat breed in New York state which means they are a popular cat which we know. 

As a cat breed, it is normally around third most popular across North America. It is nice to see that the humble moggy is the most popular cat in that state.

And finally, perhaps rather surprisingly, only one cat for every four dogs is insured in the state of New York according to this pet insurance agency.

What does that tell us? I am not sure. Either dog owners are more connected to the dogs and therefore feel the need to provide their dog with the best possible healthcare which leads them to take out an insurance policy or the dog is more highly valued than the cat and therefore more deserving of better healthcare and therefore an insurance policy is required. 

Thirdly, it could be because veterinarians charge more for treating dogs than cats but that would seem to be unlikely. It may be that the kind of illness that dogs suffer from require more expensive treatment and surgery than the equivalent illnesses suffered by cats.


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