What affects the growth of a Maine Coon kitten (breeder information)?

Young Maine Coon kitten
Young Maine Coon kitten. Image assessed as being in the public domain.

A Maine Coon breeder based in Yorkshire, UK makes some remarks about Maine Coon kitten development which may interest people. This breeder has a connection to Russian, Ukrainian and Latvian Maine Coon breeders. The cattery's name is KleooKet.

They say that Maine Coon kitten development will be influenced by the following:

  • Their gender. This is well known. Males grow to be 2-3 kilograms larger than females.
  • If the parents are large their offspring are likely to be large. KleooKet only mention the mother's weight and size influencing the weight and size of the kittens but it has to both parents.
  • Kitten development will lag behind the normal if their nutrition is substandard. A kitten needs to eat whenever hungry. Excellent nutrition is vital for kitten growth. Comment: kittens need a growth formula food because a 'regular cat' (non-Maine Coon) of 9 months of age is basically full-grown and sexually mature. Anecdotally this is not the case with Maine Coons who are slow developers it is said. I've seen 4 years to get to maturity. This would be more than 4 times as long. I doubt this information but balanced nutrition is important to make growth possible. For instance, 10-week-old kittens require about twice the amount of protein as adult cats and 50% more calories per pound than do adult cats. And at 12 weeks of age a kitten's energy needs are three times that of adult cats.
  • The growth of a Maine Coon kitten can be slowed by poor living conditions and a change in the residence and/or constant noise causing stress. It is a breeder's job to ensure the conditions are optimal. As the Maine Coon develops slowly the owner takes on board these obligations after purchasing a kitten.
  • Regarding a mother nursing her kittens, stress and a sudden change in her diet can change the quality of her milk by changing the milk's chemical composition. This may adversely affect her kittens' development.
KleooKet say that adult Maine Coons attain the following weights:
  • Male: 7-9 kilograms (15.4 pounds - 19.8 pounds)
  • Female: 5-8 kilograms (11 pounds - 17.6 pounds).


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