Adorable Maine Coon snarl with crinkled nose

 Don't get the wrong impression that Maine Coons snarl a lot. They don't. They are pretty laid-back cats. This picture caught my eye as the large, square muzzle of the Maine Coon makes a domestic cat snarl look particularly impressive. This brown tabby Maine Coon has a very strong, masculine face. His crinkled nose is the icing on the cat for a feline facial expression. 

The owner says this about the picture: "My Maine Coon buddy Quentin. He does the best don't-mess-with-me snarl. He even crinkles his nose."

It is harder to read the emotions of domestic cats through their facial expressions than it is for dogs. The cat is known to be inscrutable but not so in this instance.

Adorable Maine Coon snarl with crinkled nose
Adorable Maine Coon snarl with crinkled nose. Image: Twitter/X

The relatively inscrutable face of the domestic cat compared to the domestic dog is all to do with the fact that the cat is solitary and therefore has less of a need to communicate with other cats compared to dogs which are pack animals living in a group where facial expressions are useful. I am referring to the wild ancestors of the domestic cat and dog.


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