What is bigger the Maine Coon or any of these: Norwegian Forest cat, Ragdoll, Savannah, Siberian, Bengal?

On average, the Maine Coon cat is going to be bigger than any of the cats in the title except the F1 i.e. first filial Savannah cat. The first filial Savannah cat is the biggest domestic cat but it is not a formal cat breed. The largest domestic cat breeder is the Maine Coon cat. Caveat: please read on.

F1 Savannah cat Titan. Photo: Kathrin Stucki.
F1 Savannah cat Titan. Photo: Kathrin Stucki.

Compare the size of the F1 Savannah cat above with the huge Maine Coon below. But this an unfair comparison as the Maine Coon in the picture below is exceptional in their size. This is not a typical Maine Coon whereas the F1 Savannah (Titan) is a typical size for the F1 Savannah. The difficulty in comparing domestic cat sizes is brought home in this exercise. In this example the Savannah cat is smaller than the Maine Coon.

Maine Coon as big as a child (almost)
Maine Coon as big as a child (almost). Image in public domain.

There will be a lot of conditions to the statement that the Maine is the largest domestic cat breed. Let's take an example. You've got a smallish female Maine Coon cat opposite a large male Ragdoll cat. The latter will be bigger than the former.

The same could be said about comparing a smallish female Maine Coon cat with a large, male Norwegian Forest cat.

And, some F2 Bengal cats are going to be bigger than many Maine Coon cats. The Internet does tend to mislead us on the size of Maine Coon cats because social media focuses on the very large male Maine Coon cats.

If you go to a cat show and check out the size of Maine Coon cats you won't see those super-large animals that you see on the Internet bred in Russia. You will see more normal domestic cats of a more normal size.

But it is important to stress that overall, among all the cat breeds the Maine Coons is at the top of the tree in terms of size. I have a page on that which I wrote many years ago which you can read by clicking on this link.

If you took the smallest female Maine Coons and compared them to the largest male Maine Coons, the latter would probably be twice the size of the former. There may be a bigger difference than that.

The Ragdoll is a big domestic cat breed. It is not that far behind the Maine Coons in terms of size. The Siberian is also a big domestic cat breed and of a similar order in size to the Ragdoll.

The F5 i.e. fifth filial Bengal cats are similar in size to the standard random-bread i.e. moggy cat. But the first filial Bengal cats are quite large but not as large as the first filial Savannah cats.

The first filial Savannah cats especially the male cats are sometimes mistaken for medium-sized wild cat species because of their size. And they look very similar to their wild cat ancestor the serval. Sometimes news media mix-up a serval that has escaped from someone's home as a pet and a first filial Savannah cat as they look quite similar.

Perhaps it might be fair to say that one reason why the first filial Savannah cat is normally larger than the Maine Coon cat is because they are rangier by which I mean they have longer legs thanks to their wild cat ancestor the serval which has the longest legs to body size of all the wild cat species.

The wild cat ancestor of the Bengal cat is the Asiatic leopard cat which is a smallish cat. It is a wild cat species which is much smaller than the wild cat ancestor of the Savannah cat. This has an impact on the size of the F1 Bengal and F1 Savannah cats.


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