Does anyone else's MC have insane toe hair? My kitten has the hairiest toes ever.

The title comes from the social media website:, where they have a thriving forum about the 'MC' which is how Maine Coon afficionados refer to their cats.

This young MC has perfectly tufted paws as per the breed standard. One of the signs of a genuine Maine Coon cat. They are a badge of honour! Image: Reddit user: u/Freeflybudgie

The answer to the question will be YES for genuine Maine Coons as 'well tufted' paws are part of the CFA breed standard. In other words, MC breeders affiliated with the CFA have to create cats with tons of 'toe hair' as this Reddit user calls it.

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) breed standard for the MC's feet:

"LEGS and FEET: legs substantial, wide set, of medium length, and in proportion to the body. Forelegs are straight. Back legs are straight when viewed from behind. Paws large, round, well-tufted. Five toes in front; four in back.2

You probably know that the breed standard is the breeding guideline on appearance. If a breeder wants her cats to win at CFA cat shows she has to ensure that her cats comply as near as possible to these guidelines.

And if they do it is a mark of a genuine MC. The other trademark signs are tufted ears and square muzzles. Those are the ones to which you can add the long, large body and shaggy medium-longhair coat.


  1. Yes, my MC has similar tufted paws. He is so fancy wearing them, I would never cut it shorter.

    1. He sounds fantastic. These heavily tufted paws are unique in the cat world. Thanks for sharing.


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