Maine Coon price inflation due to popularity and other factors

I have a feeling that the popularity of the Maine Coon over the past few years has forced up the price. I did a bit of quick research and found one breeder charging $2,200 for kittens and a visitor to this site paid $3,500. Here is their comment:

Thank you too Michael. Agree about Mr Vivo hypothetical price. As for current USA prices... in March I paid 3.5K, the cheapest I found (later) was 2.7K, but I only researched the Florida breeders at the time. They might be cheaper in other states. - Ciprian M.

Historically and for quite a long time the typical price, to the best of my knowledge was around $1,500. In fact, if you go back around 12 years the price was around $500!

Note: Please tell me what you paid for your Maine Coon recently!

Of course, there is general inflation over the years which results in higher prices. And inflation generally has been a big issue after the Covid pandemic but it is pretty clear to me that Maine Coon prices are rising faster than inflation. 

As the price various from breeder to breeder and in different places it is hard to provide an accurate guide as to 2023 prices but it would seem that the going rate this year is over $2,000 for a good quality Maine Coon.

People in the market to buy a Maine Coon should be aware of this development and the obvious fact that the purchase price is only one aspect of the overall cost.

It is almost certain that you will need to run some sort of health insurance program for your Maine Coon as they have some serious inherited diseases. It is a very distressing aspect of this highly popular cat breed.

My preferred option on insurance would be to start putting money aside on purchasing the cat and ring fence the savings account. You call that account your private Maine Coon insurance policy. It should be enough to cover the first major veterinary visit. I think you'd need to put aside upwards of $100 per month to be on the safe side.

Yes, owning a Maine Coon can be expensive. Although one study said that their lifespan was extraordinary short compared to the average moggie at around 11 years. That reduced lifespan would be due to the breed's predisposition to the heart disease HCM.

Commercially speaking and putting aside sentiment, the shortened lifespan reduces the overall lifetime costs of looking after a Maine Coon.

And don't forget that the price of veterinary care is raising as well. And cat food due to general inflation. Buyers need to think about these things before diving in. There is a big financial burden.

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The advice would be not to try and avoid paying the typical purchase price even if it feels inflated. You don't want to be drawn into buying a Maine Coon mix which is not a Maine Coon at all. You might see them advertised for around $500 but this is a rip off. You are buying a non-purebred cat, a moggie in effect which are worth around $50.

Some breeders insist in their contract that your Maine Coon is kept inside the home at all times. If you comply with that contractual term, it will increase the cost as you need to ensure that they are mentally stimulated. Although it is a contractual term which is impossible for the breeder to enforce.


  1. sells for minimum 4.9K for a kitten (yesterday the price listed was 5K. They were asking 5.5K back in December 2022, but probably the price was not appealing, so they decreased it, as I can see. They were my first choice last summer, when their price was only 2.2K, but in December, they suddenly claimed they have many expensis and the economic crisis to justify an insane increase in their price. That made us look for other breeders and accepted a more reasonable price of 3.5K from another serious breeder.
    Here is how sassykoonz justify their rip off:

    1. Thanks. I've just written about prices and mentioned Sassy. Their prices are high.


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