Wife is adopting a calico Maine Coon kitten and her husband thinks she is ugly. What do you think?

Calico Maine Coon kitten
Calico Maine Coon kitten. Image: Reddit user: u/Aaalyaaa

A woman on social media is asking other users for their help because she is in the process of purchasing a female Maine Coon kitten who is a calico kitten i.e. tortoiseshell and white but her husband thinks that she is ugly and it seems that he is pressing her to adopt this kitten's brother who has a shyer temperament. The wife thinks that the female will get on better with her four-year-old child because she is more outgoing.

But the central point is the disagreement between wife and husband on whether this female Maine Coon kitten is ugly or not.

Below is my response on the social media site concerned namely Reddit.com. What do you think?

Well, I am with you. You think she is unique and attractive. She has an interesting appearance which is worth a lot in terms of attractiveness. To me she looks like a tortoiseshell-and-white (calico) under all that fur! And don't forget she is a kitten. It'll take time to see her fully developed. She has a slight 'blaze' down the middle of her face which is also nice. If this girl has been with you a little while I'd stick with her. You know after you have lived with a cat for a while and bonded their appearance is secondary to their character. You see what you see and it is coloured by character. Also, I agree that an outgoing kitten is more likely to do better with your child.


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