Bobby Flay heartbroken as his Maine Coon 'Nacho' dies at the age of 9

Bobby Flay and Nacho. Image: Instagram

Boby Flay is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, businessman and reality television personality. He is also known for being the caregiver of Nacho and a cat lover. He is one of those celebs who owns a Maine Coon. There aren't that many on my reckoning.
It is with an absolute broken heart that I report Nacho has passed away peacefully.
He announced on Instagram five days ago the passing of Nacho. And he really, really loved this cat. It went deep so he is badly cut up by Nacho's passing.

It is very sad to read the story. But what I immediately noticed was Nacho's age when he died: 9! This is about half the age of a moggy with a good lifespan.

We are not told the cause of death but I can guess: HCM. Heart disease to which this very popular breed is genetically predisposed and they should not be.

It is a travesty that Maine Coons should be dying at 9-years-of-age. This is far too young. He should have had many years ahead of him.

My moggy is 8 and he's as fit as a fiddle. Anyway, point made. I wrote an article about Bobby Flay and Nacho a while ago which you can read by clicking on this link. Nacho is survived by his sister: Stella Flay, a white and brindle Maine Coon.

Here is Flay's Instagram post which tells the story:


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