Lifespan of Maine Coon compared with some other top breeds

Well, this video is from the respected and loved (💓) Ben the Vet. He is good. He's very sensible and honest. It can be hard to talk about the cat breeds in a very honest way and not dress things up as a lot of website do.  My style to present truthful information as best I can in the interests of buyers. They need to know what to expect.

I don't like the video 😓. But the information is useful I hope. 

Lifespan of Maine Coon compared with some other top breeds
This is Zak, a Maine Coon that used to live with Helmi Flick a cat photographer. I took the picture in my bedroom at her house. Handheld. He's cute isn't he? Great cat. So nice. He looks like he has a nice character and he did. The pic was taken around 15 years ago so he must be dead by now. RIP.

The video says that the average life of the random-bred cat is around 14 years. The Maine Coon lifespan is 11 years according to this video which I am sure is based on a study that Ben has read. There are a lot of studies on the cat breeds and many on medical issues and touching on lifespans.

Ben says the Birman has the longest lifespan of the breeds mentioned and it is, according to him, longer than that of the moggie. That surprises me.

Also the lifespan of the Persian surprises me at 14.1 years which is the same as the moggie. The Persian has more health issues than the regular domestic cat. I'd expect their lifespan to be shorter.

Anyway the point here is that the Maine Coon has a relatively short lifespan which can only be due to inherited illnesses one of which is almost sure to shorten lifespan: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in which the left ventricle of the heart stiffs and bloats. The heart becomes inefficient. The signs start with heart murmurs.


Please excuse the occasional typo due to preparing these articles at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I don't have a proof reader.


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