Hairy Monster Maine Coon from another planet

This domestic cat is not so much a Maine Coon as a hairy monster from another planet. An extraordinary cat right up there will the other rare and amazing Maine Coons that we see on social media.

Screenshot from video below.

It is almost as if there is a competition going on with breeders. The prize? The weirdest Maine Coon and the biggest. On a more serious note that can lead to problems as breeders try to out-compete each other.

What do you think about this cat? Please comment. There are two versions of the same video as one is uploaded and the other embedded. The latter is a little better quality but embedded videos from social media sites tend to disappear after a while which is why I have the uploaded one as well. That will not disappear.

Here is the uploaded version in case the one above fails.

The video comes from the TikTok channel of anakin_and_arya if you are interested. The person who runs the channel allows downloads incidentally.

This cat is a grey or silver tabby. There is a lot of fur and it has been combed for the camera. The head is massive and heavy. Probably too heavy to be aesthetically pleasant. 

The way he looks at the camera is a little disturbing which adds to the monster effect 😎.


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