Maine Coon first hisses and gradually forms a very close relationship with a new kitten

Ginger tabby Maine Coon overcomes his resistance and becomes a very close friend to an incoming kitten
Ginger tabby Maine Coon overcomes his resistance and becomes a very close friend to an incoming kitten. Screenshot.

This is a nice example, I feel, of a Maine Coon who was described as 'depressed' gradually forming a very close, I'd say loving, relationship with a new kitten. When first introduced to the new kitten the Maine Coon hisses. A natural reaction although it was a bit half-hearted. You can see it if you watch carefully. It is not an aggressive hiss as I've said.

But what I like about the video is that it shows how a resident cat can warm to an incoming cat over time and ultimately form a very close relationship which greatly improves his life. This worked out really well for the caregiver.

Bringing in a new cat to be friends with a resident cat is a bit risky. You hope there is chemistry after the initial resistance by the resident cat as happened here.

It is an optimistic video I'd say as it shows that it can work really well. The close friendship between this male ginger tabby Maine Coon and the much smaller regular domestic cat will have taken a lot of concern away from the owner and some of the responsibility of entertaining him and making sure that he is content and mentally stimulated.

I'd expect that they occasionally play together a bit which is also good for all three: the caregiver and the two cats.

The general view is that when adopting, two cats is better than one especially if the two have a close relationship at the shelter as happens from time to time. There are cost issues though which are almost doubled! This is a major concern at the moment with inflation that has gradually decreased thankfully over the past months.

Please excuse the occasional typo due to preparing these articles at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I don't have a proof reader.

Embedded version of the video - slightly higher quality

Here is the video again but this time 'embedded' from TikTok. The quality is a bit better which is why it is here but if it is removed from TikTok it will stop working here.

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