'Super-super long with a feral expression' how a Maine Coon should look

A blue tortie-and-white female Maine Coon kitten at a cat show being shown off to adoring fans. I've seen this guy before in the show ring discussing the show cats that he judges.

'Blue' in this instance means a dilute tortie-and-white. The coat has a slightly faded appearance that many find attractive. The 'blue' relates to the greying up of the black element of the coat.

He says some interesting things about the Maine Coon (MC). The breed should be super-super long in contrast to the Siberian cat which looks a little similar and which may have similar origins. The Siberian is relatively quite stocky (in cat fancy language 'cobby').

We know he is right about the MC being super long because the only cat breed to win the Guinness World Records longest domestic cat award is the Maine Coon.

He emphasises the desired feral appearance of the MC. That's interesting. I believe that he is judging a TICA cat show as opposed to a CFA cat show as the former like their MCs to be more feral looking. More wild and natural looking compared to the prettier CFA registered MCs.

I have covered the other appearance aspects he mentions in other posts: the ears, lynx tips and square muzzle. Please explore or search.

As you probably know all tortoiseshell-and-white domestic cats are female. Well, almost all because the coat is sex-linked.

What you might notice is that the kitten is incredible pliant and amiable. No struggling to be freed as I am sure most moggies would. The MC is a pretty calm cat anyway plus I suspect that this kitten has probably gained some experience at cat shows already and is therefore used to the crowds and the noise.

Here is the same video embedded. It is better quality but the video may disappear in the long-term future which is why I have the other uploaded version on this page as well.
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  1. This judge is Steven Meserve, the founder and best declared judge of the LCWW organisation, which is different than both CFA amd TICA. Steven has his own style, which appeals to public, by explaining each breed characteristics to the public, as well as his rationale for ranking/ assessment during each show.

    1. Many thanks for telling me about Loving Cats Worldwide. Nice. I might do an article on them. Appreciated.

    2. You're very welcome.
      Our boy was supposed to attend LCWW West Palm Beach show last November, but it got postponed, so we are looking forward for their adult category later this year, not junior. :)


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