Woman says her Maine Coon cat is as big as a cheetah but she is WRONG!

The Sun is reporting on another very large Maine Coon cat. The owner says that her cat is as big as a cheetah. This simply can't be true and I'll explain what I mean. She said that her Maine Coon cat who is six years old and who is named Xartrux, measures 4.2 feet in length and weighs just over 10 kg. This is 22 pounds.

The National Zoo tells us that an adult cheetah weighs 75-140 pounds which is between 34 and 64 kg. Taking midpoint on that at about 50 kg and the cheetah is five times heavier than this woman's Maine Coon.

If a cheetah is five times heavier it can't be the same size because there is five times the amount of mass in a cheetah.

The woman argues that cheetahs are between 3'7" and 4'11" long. This is 43 inches and 59 inches respectively.

Woman says her Maine Coon cat is as big as a cheetah but she is WRONG!
Does this Maine Coon look as big as a cheetah? No, positively not. See image below for comparison.

The zoo I mention tells me that cheetah are between 44 and 56 inches long. Therefore she is correct on the length of a cheetah.

But she doesn't tell us how she measured the length of her Maine Coon cat. The lengths regarding the cheetah are excluding the tail which is around 33 inches long.

Her Maine Coon cat cannot be 50 inches in length excluding the tail because if he was he would weigh the same as a cheetah but he is 1/5 of the weight of the average cheetah.

The equation doesn't add up. I have checked Guinness World Records and they don't tell me how they measure the cats to achieve the longest domestic cat record. But it must be that they include the tail. That is the weakness. If I am wrong then please tell me.

But if you include the tail then you make the Maine Coon cat a lot longer. This would explain the huge discrepancy in the weight of the Maine Coon cat and an average cheetah even though they are the same length.

Cheetah size is five times larger on average than the Maine Coon.

The photographs in The Sun newspaper are also misleading because they have used a wide-angle lens and put the head of the cat near the lens while the head of the owner is set back a little further. This gives a misleading impression that the Maine Coon cat's head is bigger than or as big as the head of the woman who's holding the cat. This is about perspective and how photography can mislead people.

Please excuse the occasional typo due to preparing these articles at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I don't have a proof reader.


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