Full-time indoor Maine Coon visits his new catio (video) for first time

This TikTok video is a great advertisement for the catio, which is a facility that all Maine Coon owners should have if at all possible because Maine Coon cats are normally kept indoors full-time and they need this halfway house between the safety and security of indoors and the mental stimulation of outdoors.

Full-time indoor Maine Coon visits his new catio (video) for first time
Screenshot of the moment this beautiful Maine Coon goes through his cat flap for the first time into a utopian world of smells and sounds.

In the modern world of cat caregiving, the catio (combination of 'patio' and 'cat') is the answer to many cat owner's concerns about the insecurity of the outside particularly for a Maine Coon cat because they are so impressive while also being concerned about ensuring that their cat is mentally stimulated and that their environment is enriched. A cat caregiver in Abu Dhabi built one for $800!.

I have promoted the catio for many years as a great compromise between security and mental stimulation. The catio allows a cat to smell the outside air and hear the outside sounds; the sounds of nature. So important for mental stimulation in my humble opinion.

So here's the video on TikTok and it is a good one. You can see that the owner realises her cat wants to go outside because he paws at the window pane. Then one day there is a cat flap in the window pane and like all cats he quickly learns to operate the cat flap ('cat door' in the USA) and goes through it into a kind of utopian world that he appears to have been craving for a long time.

I have probably said that all Maine Coon cat owners should have a catio and this one looks great. Of course the other cats in the household use it as well as it is great for all indoor domestic cats which is a strong modern trend by the way. Keeping cats indoors full-time doesn't just concern fancy, expensive purebred cats like the Maine Coon.

The desire to keep cats safe means that this form of cat caregiving applies to millions of cats in homes across, for example, the United States. The US tends to lead the way on cat caregiving trends. And they do have predators that prey on domestic cats in that country which provides added motivation to caregivers to keep their cats indoors all the time.


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