In the UK, Maine Coon cats likely to be the most expensive to insure

I'm going to refer to the experiences of a journalist for The Sunday Times. His name is Ali Hussain and he has had a bad experience with his pet insurer concerning his Labrador dogs. His insurer refused to pay out after a vaccine to the back of the neck caused an abscess requiring treatment. He decided eventually after transferring his insurance to Tesco that they were no better and he should simply save money and run his own insurance policy through personal savings. I have advocated that all along.

Essentially insurers make their policies overly-complicated. I would argue too complicated for the average pet owner. And I would further argue, perhaps provocatively, that pet insurers deliberately do this so that pet owners fall into the trap of not being able to make a successful claim because insurance companies know their policies and they pick up on a clause which forbids a particular kind of claim which the owner is entirely unaware of.

After that rather negative introduction, I would like to say that Ali Hussain did some research on annual pet premiums in the UK and he comes up with the conclusion that the most expensive cat to ensure in the UK is the Maine Coon and the cost has gradually risen over the past three years.

He quotes the figure of £144 to insure a Maine Coon in 2021, £187 in 2022 and £211 in 2023. A steady increase. You'll find more expensive policies than those. 

Pet insurance premiums have increased quite dramatically recently. It is claimed that this increase comes about because the veterinarians had been bought up by big conglomerates. In parallel insurance companies have increased their premiums perhaps because these veterinarians who are part of a chain are charging more for their services because the large businesses who own the veterinarians want to make an increase profit.

This means more pet owners will be taking out an insurance policy and the conglomerates want to take advantage of this by cranking up premiums. The poor pet owner is trapped in a vice between expensive veterinarians and the ever increasing costs of pet insurance. They are being squeezed.

But the point of the article is that Maine Coon cat owners need to be aware that pet insurance is expensive for this very popular cat breed. This, as mentioned before, needs to be factored in when purchasing a Maine Coon cat.


Please excuse the occasional typo due to preparing these articles at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I don't have a proof reader.


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