Charming Maine Coon travels in car without seatbelt

Maine Coon travels in car without seatbelt

The title might sound a bit weird but it isn't. I'll explain but before I do we should enjoy this charming video. The Maine Coon is on the front passenger seat intensely interested in what is going on outside the vehicle. My guess is that this is an indoor cat that doesn't get out in the car a lot so it is nice to see him/her being mentally stimulated and loving every minute of it. But there is this seatbelt observation and I am not being critical because if I were to be critical I'd be a hypocrite as I have allows my cat to do this as well.

As for seat belts for cats, it is advisable to attach the harness to a seatbelt for human passengers to prevent a cat from flying around the cabin if the driver has to stop suddenly. And if the cat is in the rear they can be thrown forward and impact the windscreen or the people in the front.  It is wise to harness up a cat who is a passenger. There are various ways one of which is to attach the harness to the seat belt anchor or put them in a kind of baby seat device.

I guess most cat caregivers have their cat inside a carrier. But the carrier should be immovable really as it can fly around the cabin in an accident.


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