Big Maine Coon Cat

Big enough! He is orange too - Photo by Zak Greant

People search for "big maine coon cat" because the size of a domestic cat is interesting to us and large domestic cats are even more interesting. Very small cats are also interesting at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The Maine Coon is the largest of all purebred cat totally domestic cat cat. What I mean is that the first filial (F1) wildcat hybrids are generally larger. I am thinking of the F1 Savannah and F1 Safari cats. The F1 Bengal is not as large because the wildcat parent is quite small; the Asian leopard cat.

You will see big Maine Coon cats a lot on the internet. We should remember though that not all Maine Coons are very large. It's about the individual cat but the breed as a whole is populated with larger than average cats.

The Maine Coon weighs from 15 - 25 lbs or 6.8 - 11 kgs. You will get larger Maine Coons but we should not include overweight cats!

Obesity in the cat world is a big problem! I guess they are sometimes pampered too much.

I have another page on the internet discussing this topic which shows Scooter a particularly impressive and very large Maine Coon.

The thing about photos of large Maine Coons is that you have to show the cat to scale. You have to have an object in the picture against which you can gauge the size of the cat. There are not that many pics like that.

The video below from Flickr shows how large a MC can be:

He looks larger than average but not the largest, I suspect.

The pic below of of a standard sized show cat Maine Coon at a cat show:

He is gorgeous. Maine Coon are as long as they are large! They are quite rangy in conformation. So weight is deceptive in fact. They are larger than their weight suggests I think.

Here is that shows the Maine Coon's size relative to a normal sized domestic cat:

little & large 2


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