Maine Coon Colors

The cat associations allow a huge range of colors and patterns for the Maine Coon cat.

The Maine Coon is recognised in all colors and divisions of the traditional category.

Breed Colors
  • Self (solid colors) and Tortie - Black, Blue, Cream, Red, Tortoiseshell, Blue Tortie, White
  • Smoke and Shaded - self and tortie colors "with the exception of white" (Encylopedia of the Cat).
  • Tabby, classic and mackerel - Brown, Red, Blue, Cream, Tortie and Blue Tortie
  • Silver tabby - as for standard tabbies
  • Bi-colors - self, tortie and tabbies and white.
Here is one example from a Flickr photographer:

Brown mackerel tabby - photo by DreamShoot by Marcel Steger


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