Maine Coon Personality

I'll write about the Maine Coon personality using three sources: myself from first hand experience, from legacy of the cat (Gloria Stephens) and The Encyclopedia Of The Cat (Dr Fogle).


I had the pleasure of meeting and playing with Zak, a beautiful Maine Coon who is the cat companion of the Flick's in Dallas, USA. This is Zak:

Ken and Helmi Flick's Maine Coon Cat - ZAK

He was a bit shy, intelligent, interested in playing and liked to be fussed and around me. He was shy and a bit anxious about me but he as a great boy cat. Loved him. The point I am making in a round about way is that the personalities of individual cats irrespective of their breed is more variable and of greater significance that the differences between the cat breeds.

Legacy of the Cat

Gloria says that the Maine Coon is relaxed and easygoing and calm and collected. They are good with children and dogs and people orientated. Unlike the Siamese they don't tend to demand attention. They don't particularly like to be held. They have interesting voices. Trills and chirps and tiny voices.

The Encylopedia Of The Cat

"Gentle giant" is the summary for this Maine Coon personality. They have a chirping trill which is used as a greeting. The Maine Coon enjoys the company of people but is happy to do his or her own thing.


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