Silver Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon cat by fox_kiyo
Maine coon cat, a photo by fox_kiyo on Flickr.
This is the first time I have seen this cat. The photo is directly from Flickr so I have no control as to whether it is deleted at source or not.

The cat looks female and she looks pretty. She has no ear tufts - fur at the tip of her ears. I like tufts of of hair at the tips of the Maine Coon ears. They are well known for them!

The eyes are orange/copper colored. The eye color need not bear any relationship to the coat color under the breed standard.

I am not sure what she is wearing. I think the photographer is from Japan. I presume therefore that the cat lives in Japan.

Japan has a decent cat fancy. Helmi Flick was once invited to take photographs there at a cat show. She lives in the USA.


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