Maine Coon Cat Names

These are my thoughts on Maine Coon cat names. The Maine Coon is an American cat. It developed, it is believed, as a cat breed over 400 years in Maine before it became formally recognised as a breed in 1950s. It was informally recognized in the 1860s being a farm cat and shown at farm livestock shows.

Classy MC needing a classy name. Pic in the public domain.

This is a gentle cat with a shaggy coat. The voice is quiet. The MC is independent but loyal and friendly. An all American boy or girl. I guess the name should be built around this history and character. Boys are goofy and girls are more dignified. See personality.

I'd start with names of well known people from Maine that fit the character.:


Howie - nice name for a Maine Coon boy. After Howie Carr a journalist, born in Portland, Maine.

Nelson - named after the governor Nelson Dingley Jr. (lived 1832-1899).

Joey - named after Joey Gamache. World Boxing Association Lightweight Champion who boxed from 1992-2000. From Lewiston, Maine

Marsden - named after Marsden Hartley (1877–1943); artist, poet; born in Lewiston.

Judd - named after Judd Nelson (born 1959), actor, Breakfast Club, Suddenly Susan; born in Portland.

Bud or Buddy - MC's are loyal friends.

Willie - named after Will Holt (born 1929); singer, songwriter, librettist and lyricist; born in Portland.


Tawny - named after Tawny Little (born 1956); former Miss America in 1976; born in Portland.

Ellie - modified from "Elle" - named after Elle Logan (born 1987), 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in Women's rowing; born in Portland.

Ollie - short for Olympia - named after Olympia Snowe (born 1947); Congresswoman and U.S. Senator; born in Augusta & raised in Auburn. Could also be a male name.

Miss Tabitha - named after Tabitha King (born 1949); horror novelist; born in Old Town

Max - short for Maxine - named after Maxine Elliott (1868–1940); stage actress; born in Rockland.

Hope this helps. Naming Maine Coons is a very personal exercise. It should be done of feel and emotion. But some connection to Maine I would have thought is suitable.


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